Stanford plasma deflagration accelerator facility

Welcome to the Stanford Plasma Physics Lab!

We engage in experimental, theoretical, and computational research in plasma physics.

We are motivated by various applications in many fields, including plasma photonics, metamaterials, space propulsion, fusion, and renewable energy.

Information for prospective students can be found here.


06/17/2022: Our work on EM scattering from a gyrotropic plasma was published in Applied Physics Letters.

11/24/2021: Our work on plasma fixated nitrogen was published in RSC Advances.

10/29/2021: PhD student Ryan C. Przybocki passed all three of his qualifying exams and is now officially a PhD candidate! Congrats!

04/12/2021: Our work on the inverse design of plasma metamaterial devices for optical computing was published in Physical Review Applied.

04/12/2021: Our work on hybrid plasma-dielectric photonic crystals as a platform for electromagnetic wave manipulation and computing was elected as an Editor’s Pick in Physics of Plasmas.

10/15/2020: PhD student Adura Jibodu passed all three of his qualifying exams and is now officially a PhD candidate!

09/14/2020: We received an award with Professor Juan Rivas-Davila in EE from the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Realizing Environmental Innovation Program on using plasmas to develop new technologies for Making Agriculture More Sustainable.

08/13/2020: Our work on hybrid fluid/particle-in-cell simulations of converging plasma jet-driven inertial confinement fusion schemes was published in High Energy Density Physics.

06/08/2020: Our work on gradient drift instabilities in magnetron discharge plasmas was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

04/20/2020: Our work on zero-index metamaterials was published in Optics Letters.

02/06/2020: Our work on negative refractive index metamaterials was published in Physics of Plasmas.

01/02/2020: Our work on Schlieren diagnostics for plasma jets was published in Experiments in Fluids.